How do you treat toenail fungus

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How do you treat toenail fungus?

Pardis A. Kelly, D.P.M.In order to treat toenail fungus you have to make sure that you really have fungus. There are many medical conditions that can look like toenail or finger nail fungus. So, first get it confirmed.

3 ways to treat fungus

It really depends on the severity of the fungus, any of the following options can be appropriate.

This should be determined by your doctor and medical history dictates the right option.  Topical, either over the counter, home remedy, prescription topical laser treatment is a newer( past 7 years) approach. There are many different types and not all are created equally!


There are different kind of pills for different type of fungus. Commonly prescribed one is Lamisil pill. As long as you are the right candidate, this could be a very effective treatment. There are several laser machines in the industry that are being used for toenail fungus treatment. They might have different wavelength for different penetration and tissue and water absorption.

However regardless of these specifications, the end results can be somewhat sporadic and not consistent. Our office has gone thru couple of laser machines because of these inconsistencies and continue to offer this as an option to patients that either all other treatments have been exhausted or they just don’t want to try them.

Typically we do these treatments in 3 sessions with 4–5 weeks in between sessions. occasionally the tx can be uncomfortable but that is rare.  Hope this answers your question. Just a quick point. Regardless of type of treatment one might choose , the fungal nail has to grow out which might take up to a year depending on how fast your nails grow.

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