Peeling Brittle Nails

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Peeling brittle nails

Many of my patients ask me about how they should treat splitting, peeling and ridges on their nails. So here is some information on how to deal with these conditions. I will be honest with you, I suffer from some of these as well thanks to getting shellac and other gel nail polish in the past.

Also I am  washing my hands constantly between patients sometimes more than 20 times a day! So you can imagine, even if I had the strongest nails, they would be bound to break and peel after so many hand washing.


Ok, back to the conditions of splitting, peeling and ridges.

All of these  can be due to lack of vitamins, systemic disease or trauma ( manual labor, rough manicures, typing). So when your nail is damaged, one thing you can’t do is repair the damaged portion!!

I know this sounds wrong but the fact is that once your nail is damaged you have to wait until the damaged portion grows out. Meanwhile you need to support and protect it while it is growing out.

This is no different than damaged hair from getting coloring or straightening with harsh chemicals.


So when a  cosmetic company claims that they can repair your nails with their treatment lacquers

“Lord knows that there are so many of them in the market”

They are misinforming the consumer. As a matter of fact most of these treatments contain chemicals like Formaldehyde which initially hardens the nail but with time it permanently can break the nail down, making it more brittle.


What to do:

Figure out the cause first.

Then use products that are good for your nails and are not going to permanently damage them

“Avoid ingredients like Formaldehyde or Toluene in a nail treatments”

and allow your nails to grow back to their healthy look and don’t forget to moisturize your nails, after all they are extensions of your skin made out of keratin!


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