About Us


Dream by PS Cosmeceutical products include a proprietary formula infused with the botanical ingredient grapefruit Seed extract ( gSe) which has been known to treat fungal and bacterial infection as well as pharmaceutical grade anti fungal products *. gSe can work to prevent and combat fungal infections in nails. gSe, a well know antioxidant, is also known for its medicinal uses.

No Harsh Chemicals

Conventional nail polish products contain chemicals which can cause side effects ranging from headaches, to fertility issues to cancer. While many brands are moving to 3- free, 4- free and 5- free polishes, Dream by Ps Cosmeceutical is 10-Free: no Dibutyl Phthalate, no formaldehyde, no Toluene, no formaldehyde res - in, no Camphor, no lead, no Paraban, no Xylene, no ethyl Tosylamide, and no Trip henyl Phosphate ( T P H P ) . Research shows that over 20% of nail polish users worry that polish is damaging their nails, and are concerned with chemicals found in most nail polishes.*

Developed by a Doctor and Biochemist, with You in Mind

From the moment PS Cosmeceutical was started in 2012, the focus has been on PS customers. PS Cosmeceutical is dedicated to providing innovative nail products of the highest quality. PS focuses on the health and beauty needs of our consumers. The PS collections feature gorgeous palettes that look beautiful goal is to be a trusted brand for it's customers and the cosmetic industry. PS Cosmeceutical products are made with care in the USA , in the only iso nail products facility in the world.

Your Health, Your Beauty

You don't have to choose between what is good for you and what is beautiful – Dream by PS brings you healthful ingredients and beautiful colors in one product.

Dr Pardis Kelly a Podiatrist noticed a significant number of patients with nail injuries and infections due to common practices by traditional nail salons. In 2004 she decided to open her own nail salon, Peace of Mind Pedicure, a completely sterile salon, a pioneering alternative to traditional nail salons. This unexpectedly turned out to be a very fertile "petri-dish" from which Dr Kelly formulated the idea to create a nail polish that contained a non-toxic anti-microbial.

In 2010 Dr. Kelly teamed up with biochemist Stefanie Grotkin. Ms. Grotkin's experience in the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, and her knowledge of the intricacies of meeting stringent FDA standards, made her the perfect fit for the development of the nail product line. Together they formed PS Cosmeceuticals in 2012.

Upon conception of the partnership, Dr. Kelly and Ms. Grotkin discussed the possibilities of developing safe and effective products while they addressed an evolving self-regulated approach. PS cosmeceuticals mission is to create specialized nail products which contain effective and healthy ingredients. Today PS Cosmeceutical develops cosmetic products with a scientific based approach that merges sophisticated intelligence from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.